Friday, 10 April 2009

Royal Marines - Ambush Alley

Hello all, you may remember in my first post I said I would show armies from games other than Warhammer. Well here are my brave Royal Marines from 9 Troop, X-Ray Company, 41 Commando. These guys will be used in games of Ambush Alley and Force-on-Force (see links).

Lt Smith and Sgt Vaughn direct the men:

1 Section under Cpl Hennesy:

2 Section under Cpl Brown:

3 Section under Cpl Garvy:

Support Weapons:

Engineers from 24 Commando Regiment, Royal Engineers under Sgt Taylor:

UAV Team from the Royal Artillery:

Recce Team from Brigade Reconnaissance Force:

Attached News Crew with a Media Liason Officer:

I'm hoping to attach to this force a Lynx AH.7, a Chinook HC.2, a Scimitar light tank and a Viking transport vehicle. Also more support weapons like a Javelin ATGM might make their way into the force.