Monday, 18 October 2010

Captain Cortez

Wow, my 2nd post in as many weeks, maybe I can keep this up and update this blog regularly! Anyway I have just finished my latest addition to the Crimson Fists, the renowned Captain Cortez. For those who don't know Captain Cortez was a Crimson Fists special character back in 3rd Edition and was subsequently dropped from the 4th Edition Codex:Space Marines. His background put him as an indestructable hero of the Crimson Fists who could shrug off wounds that would put down most other Space Marines, he even disarmed an Ork warlord by twisting his torso after being stabbed in the ribs by the Ork's choppa! He eventually disappeared fighting the Dark Eldar in a battle known as "The Wheel of Fire". He was greatly mourned by his brothers, especially his closest friend Pedro Kantor. Kantor and many of his fellow Crimson Fists still believe Cortez fights on in the Webway and hope he returns to the Chapter.

I know a lot of people don't like the model Games Workshop produced for him, but I had to get him since he's a Crimson Fist. As there are no rules for him anymore I may simply use him instead of Captain Alvarez, or as another Space Marine Captain.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Blog & Crimson Fists Update

Hello again, as you can see I have updated the blog slightly. I have added several of my favourite blogs to the list on the right. I have also added some new pages to the blog with pictures of my armies,this should make it easier for you all to see them without having to trawl through the blog. As the armies are added to I shall update the pages with the new units.

Speaking of new units, I have completed my first Crimson Fist unit since Christmas. Chaplain Ulfius will lead the Assault Marines of Squad Cantor to victory against the enemies of the Imperium.