Saturday, 7 July 2012


Hello again, the second post this week! I've completed the first half of my new Tactical Squad, Squad Forseti. These guys have all been made up of left-over Space Marine bits or been recycled from the same army as my scouts from bits that I was able to salvage (painted as a DIY chapter, then Imperial Fists and finally as Blood Angels with horrible heavy duty spray paint that left very few usable models unfortunatly). Sgt Forseti has a Templar cross painted onto this right knee-pad signifying that he is a veteran of the Declates Crusade, a campaign in which the Crimson Fists fought alongside the Black Templars. Marines from both chapters fought in mixed squads and many exchanged iconography, the Templars painted their left gauntlets crimson and the Fists painted Templar crosses on their right knee.

The second half of the squad have been base-coated so hopefully I can have the full squad completed soon.

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