Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spectrum is Green!

Well 2nd post of the year and its more Captain Scarlet stuff. I've bought more of Crooked Dice's Time Lift Security miniatures to paint up as Captain Scarlet characters, I'm really enjoying painting these and I'm close to completing the original cast.

First a group shot:

I've painted up Captain Brown, who was only in the pilot episode and was killed along with Captain Scarlet to carry out the Mysterons plot to assasinate the World President. I've also painted up Captain Indigo, who was never seen in uniform and was only in the episode "Spectrum Strikes Back" before being killed by Captain Black. The final colour Captain I have painted is Captain Violet, a Fan-fiction creation by Caroline Smith on the Spectrum Headquarters website. The final two models are extra Spectrum Security Guards to back up to others.

I've also updated the Captain Scarlet page on the blog, now re-named to Anderverse to represent the fact that I will not only be focusing on Captain Scarlet, but also Gerry Anderson's other programs.