Sunday, 3 August 2014

Quick Update

Hello all, just a quick update to reassure anybody who reads this that this blog is not dead, however I have had a massive load of Real Life (TM) to deal with over the last year that has resulted in several major changes and upheavals in my life. I wont bore you with the details, nor would it be appropriate on this kind of forum, but I'm slowly getting back on track and hoping to get things going again on the hobby side.

You may notice that I have edited some of the links to my completed work, all my Warhammer will now come under the Purging of the Loki Sector section of the blog. This will represent my efforts to try and flesh out the subsequent re-taking of the Loki sector from the Orks following WAAAGH! Snagrod and the near destruction of the Crimson Fists. My Praetorians were always supposed to be part of this, and having them together in the same section can reflect that, as well as any others ideas I have. 

Things haven't been completely quiet over the last 18months, I have (finally) completed my Sternguard and a Rhino transport for the Crimson Fists. I have also started an Ork army, following the release of the Sanctus Reach box set and a lucky score of the Assault on Black Reach Orks on eBay. In addition I also painted up 3 of the Angel pilots for my Captain Scarlet project. Pics will be put up on the blog soon (hopefully).