The "Anderverse" is the expanded background universe of Gerry Anderson's various TV programs of the 1960s that was created by the associated media of the time (books, comics etc). The universe links the events of Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. As these programs were produced in the 1960s this world is very different turn to what ours has become. Most of the detail below has been taken from Spectrum Headquarters website, a fan-site devoted to all things Captain Scarlet, and the Complete Book of Captain Scarlet by Chris Bentley.

The Anderverse

The history of the Anderverse remains the same as our own up until 1987. From 1987-1989 a Third World War raged between East & West. Very little is known about why the war started, or how it ended but in 1989 the war ended and the New United Nations was formed. Under the direct command of the New U.N the new World Army, World Navy and World Air Force are formed as the ultimate peace keeping forces. In 1997 what was left of Britain's MI5, the USA's CIA and Russia's KGB was merged in the World Intelligence Network (WIN). Following this, in 2009 the New U.N formed the United Nations Space Patrol and in 2011 the Interplanetary Communications Group. In 2012 the New U.N created the World Council, uniting the free world countries against their common enemies. The World Army, World Navy, World Air Force and WIN were under the jurisdiction of the World Council.

In 2027 Civil Wars and unrest began to spread across Europe. Russia, in contravention of U.N and World Council policy, sends troops to Eastern Europe to take control and stop the crisis. The World Council fails to control the situation and is ultimately disbanded. In 2028 the Great Atomic War in Europe begins, following a breakdown of communications between countries. Only tactical nuclear weapons are used, and the war lasts six years until 2034. The nation of Bereznik is carved out of Eastern Europe (covering the former regions of East Germany, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and Poland) and Britain is ruled by a military dictatorship. Around this time the nations of Porto Guava and Tong Viet Ken are formed, and most of Asia is united into the United Asian Republic.

In June 2045 the World Government is formed from the New United Nations in Unity City, Bermuda. Although recognising a single world leader in President Nikita Bandranaik each member nation still retains its own elected government. Bereznik, Porto Guava, Tong Viet Ken, the United Asian Republic and Britain do not join the new Government and remain independent.

As part of the formation of the World Government the UN Space Patrol becomes the World Space Patrol and the Interplanetary Communications Group joins with the World Intelligence Network to become the Universal Secret Service (USS). The World Security Patrol is established under the World Security Council to command the World Army, World Navy, World Air Force, World Space Patrol and USS, with its headquarters in Washington DC. The World Government also forms the World Government Police Corps, with its headquarters in Paris.

In December 2046 the British people, dissatisfied with the Military regime, erupt into Civil War. Captain Charles Gray of the British Navy (later to become Colonel White of Spectrum) is heralded as a hero after he ignores orders to attack the rebels and defects with his ship and crew. A young Flight Lieutenant Conrad Turner (later to become Captain Black) also gains recognition when he disobeyed orders and flew a sabotaged bomber out over the ocean, almost dying in the subsequent explosion. The Civil War ended in January 2047 with the Military regime overthrown and Britain joining the World Government.

In 2052 the World Army and World Air Force were merged, creating the World Army Air Force (WAAF). In 2062 the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) is separated from the World Navy Submarine Service and becomes an independent force under the World Security Patrol. The WASPs soon begin testing a prototype submarine that would later become Stingray, Lieutenant Commander Bradley Holden (later Captain Grey) is in command, with a young Lieutenant Troy Tempest as his co-pilot.

In 2064 President Bandranaik began to put in motion plans to create an Anti-Terrorism force that would help take pressure off the other services in the World Security Patrol. In 2065 this idea was formalised and the Spectrum organisation is formed. The new organisation's name represented the fact that it would cover the entire "spectrum" of security activity. It was also decided that the organisation's senior agents would be given colour code names to protect their identity. Sir Charles Gray, the former Captain in the British Navy and now head of the London section of the USS, was selected as Spectrum's Commander-in-Chief; code-named Colonel White. Colonel Conrad Turner, who had transferred from the British Air Force to the World Space Patrol, was chosen as Colonel White's second in command, code-named Captain Black.

In June 2065 construction began on what was to become Spectrum's tactical base, Cloudbase, at a World Government research depot in Sweden. Cloudbase was completed in sections, before being taken into space and assembled, supervised by Captain Black. Contracts are also signed with various companies across the world to construct specialist vehicles for Spectrum such as the Angel Interceptor and Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV). The Spectrum selection committee starts to select personnel from across the existing security forces and beyond, to form its initial cadre of agents. Spectrum also starts to establish bases in most capital cities and begins to recruit personnel to man these bases.

In 2067 President Bandranaik steps down and President Younger is elected in his place. Younger continues the formation of Spectrum, signing its charter in July, making the organisation active. Alongside the activation of Spectrum, the existing security forces are reorganised. The Supreme Headquarters Earth Forces (SHEF) is formed, with its headquarters in New York. SHEF takes direct command of the WAAF, World Navy and the USS. It also controls the World Security Patrol, and through them the WASPs and World Space Patrol. Of all the security organisations, only Spectrum is directly answerable to the World President.

For the rest of 2067 Spectrum is active in countering numerous terrorist plots across the globe. Then in 2068 strange radio signals were received coming from an unexplored region of Mars. Spectrum's Captain Black was selected to lead the expedition. The source of the signals was soon discovered, an alien race called the Mysterons. Unfortunately Captain Black mistook the Mysterons' friendly intentions and destroyed their city, before witnessing their amazing powers of reversing matter, and re-creating the city in front of his eyes. The Mysterons swore revenge on the human race, taking over Captain Black to use as their agent on Earth and declaring a War of Nerves against the Earth.

My Project

My project will focus not just on the events of the Captain Scarlet TV series, but also the period before the Mysterons, fighting "normal" humans. I'm hoping that Crooked Dice will release more miniatures to represent some of the other programs, such as Fireball XL5 or Stingray. I'm also going to try and find some models to represent forces from the World Government and Bereznik.

The Spectrum models will all be based off the original TV series. I will also be adding characters from the New Captain Scarlet series and also characters created for Fan Fiction on the Spectrum Headquarters site. Where I do use Fan Fiction characters the original creators will be credited.

Spectrum Group Shot

Colonel White
Name: Sir Charles Gray
Nationality: British
Captain Black (Pre Mysteron)
Name: Conrad Turner
Nationality: British
Captain Scarlet
Name: Paul Metcalfe
Nationality: British
Captain Blue
Name: Adam Svenson
Nationality: American
Captain Ochre
Name: Richard Fraser
Nationality: American
Captain Magenta
Name: Patrick Donague
Nationality: Irish-American
Captain Grey
Name: Bradley Holden
Nationality: American
Lieutenant Green
Name: Seymour Griffiths
Nationality: Trinidadian
Captain Brown
Name: Steve Blackburn
Nationality: Australian
Captain Indigo
Name: Andrew Laurence
Nationality: British

Captain Violet
Name: Dany Curtis
Nationality: American
Created by: Caroline Smith

Destiny Angel
Name: Juliette Pontoine
Nationality: French

Awaiting Pic
Symphony Angel
Name: Karen Wainwright
Nationality: American

Awaiting Pic 
Rhapsody Angel
Name: Dianne Simms
Nationality: British

Awaiting Pic 

Spectrum Security Guards

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